Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A new beginning

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post!

The aim of my blog is to help make people money with free tips on UK horse racing. I've been reading form for a couple of years now and have previously had success posting my picks behind the doors of a closed forum. I know a few bloggers and I love to read daily musing from others so I thought why not add my own to the list and see if I can offer anything new.

I started studying form around 2 years ago after some guidance from fellow bloggers and
I have spent a lot of money following tipsters in the past and still follow a couple now and I guess the reason for my interest in the sport like anyone else is for the buzz a gamble gives (losing bets excluded of course) and the failure of others is the reason I decided to study form myself.

In my opinion it makes little sense to spend a heap of money following tipsters when a good form book and a bit of discipline can get you a long way to bettering the results offered by the so called pros. It works out a lot cheaper, adds a sense of achievement if you get anywhere near your goals and the entertainment value from the sport increases ten fold.

So what are my goals?
  • 100 points profit every 6 months
  • to maintain and improve discipline over the course of my blogging and
  • Become a better bettor!
In my posts I plan to give selections and views on the following days racing, I concentrate on all age handicaps mainly on the flat so at this time of year the all weather. I will however offer tips and views on the NH code every now and then although any selections will be in less confidence and shown in my staking.

I won't be able to post every night as time just doesn't allow it, but a few nights a week I'll have an opinion and be sure to post it on here along with selection rationale.

This won't be for everyone as my selections tend to be on horses priced up at prices I feel present value, I won't be in search of winners but they will happen and when they do it'll be at working mans prices!

For those wishing to follow I suggest a 150 point bank as selections will be staked from 1-3 points, I find this best suits my approach. This really represents a 50 point bank based on 50 strong selections, if I manage to bust this then I have no place posting 'tips'. I'm confident this won't happen and pretty sure the profits will accumulate over the coming months. Maybe not the 200 points a year goal I have set myself but whats the point in having a goal if it isn't a big one?!

Anyway I plan to start this properly over the next week or so, wish me luck.